Our professional private investigators offer a wide range of private investigation and surveillance services for individuals, attorneys, insurance companies and businesses. We provide a free consultation and evaluation in order to determine your needs and establish which investigation services are best for you.  We are licensed to practice in both Missouri and Kansas.

Our private investigators have direct experience and knowledge of the industry which supplies them with knowledge of the most current methods and the ability to conduct covert surveillance, background investigations and other special investigator services for all of our clients.


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We offer private investigation services for all of your needs including covert surveillance, background  investigations, criminal and insurance services.



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MO License: #2013007954
Kansas License: #D-5436



Allure Private Investigations for all covert,field investigations and attorney,legal, insurance services. Find the truth about fraudulent disability,auto,insurance,personal injury claims. Uncover elder abuse,find missing children,persons, covert surveillance and private investigations from indidelity to background checks.